“A newfound sense of hope and motivation”

12 Mar “A newfound sense of hope and motivation”

This story is the fifth in a series of student testimonies following the trip to the March for Life, D.C. Leah, the president of Augustana Right to Life, shares her story here:

Leah at march

Leah, Lauren, and Dorothy from Augustana at the March for Life in D.C.

I admit, I wasn’t entirely looking forward to going on the March for Life with SFLI. I was excited about the March itself, but, as an introvert, the thought of spending three days with a bunch of people I didn’t know and being stuck on a bus for hours on end made me uncomfortable.

I had no idea what an impactful and eye-opening experience I was getting into.

From meeting so many new people, to marching with hundreds of thousands of fellow pro-life advocates, to learning about the pro-life movement on other college campuses, I gained so much from the SFLI March for Life trip.

The other students on the trip truly embodied what it is to be pro-life, and I felt extremely welcomed into the group and valued as an individual.

Talking with people from different colleges sparked ideas for ways we can foster a culture of life at Augustana. I have been discouraged by the lack of interest from the Augie student body in the pro-life movement, but we are already looking forward to build a culture of life on campus.

We are already planning activism events, working toward partnering with a local Pregnancy Resources center, and creating a display depicting what a gift human life truly is.

The March for Life trip with SFLI gave me a newfound sense of hope and motivation to never give up the fight. Life is worth it.

Thank you, Leah! SFLI is proud of your work on Augustana’s campus and your plans for the future.