Activism in April

07 Apr Activism in April

SFLI Activism Days for April 2009

Support a Pregnancy Center & Pro-Life T-Shirt Week

This Activism Day will be a little different than those in the past.  There are two events coming up:

1. Support a Pregnancy Center – Pregnancy Centers are under attack from abortion advocates.  The Feminist Majority has declared April 13th “National Crisis Pregnancy Center Protest Day.”   We are joining Students for Life of America in supporting our Pregnancy Centers on April 13th.  Here’s what you can do:

1) Organize a group to volunteer for your local Pregnancy Center on April 13th.  Click here to see a map that will show you where the Pregnancy Centers in Illinois are.

2) Advertise the resources your local CPC offers at your school.

3) Bring the director of your local CPC to campus as a speaker.

4) Defend the right of CPCs to advertise on at your school.

2. Pro-Life T-Shirt Week – Every year, Rock for Life asks pro-lifers to wear a Pro-Life T-Shirt on the last Tuesday in April for “National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day”.  This has gotten to be so big that it has now become National Pro-Life T-Shirt WEEK!

Wearing a pro-life t-shirt to class for a week is a great way to get people talking about the humanity of the unborn child — something that a lot of people never think about.

Imagine how many people’s minds can be changed — and babies’ lives can be saved — when we give this witness for seven straight days from April 28 through May 4!

There’s more information here:

Need a pro-life T-shirt?  Get your Biking for Babies T-shirt here or your What The FOCA T-Shirt here.

Lastly Here’s a Special Event:

Join SFLA on Tuesday, April 21st for the SFLA April National Conference Call.

On the call, SFLA will teach you how to plan to save lives next semester.

No Pro-Lifer Should Miss this Crucial Conference Call!

Items to Be Discussed:

* Recruiting new group leadership and membership
* How to retain your members
* What types of activism events you can hold
* How to get press coverage for your events

Call Information:

* Tuesday, April 21st
* 9:00pm EST
* Call In Number: 1-218-936-7979, Access Code: 667947

If you are going to participate in this month’s SFLI Activism Day, contact us here, and tell us more about yourself, where you’re going to do it, and who will be involved!  Thanks!


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