This is the show for you!

17 Sep This is the show for you!

By popular demand, now you can take what we’ve learned on college campuses and apply it to your daily life.

  • Want to convert hearts and minds but lack the knowledge of what to say to do so?
  • Passionately pro-life, but don’t always know how to be effective in a heated discussion?
  • Used to be actively involved but are now out of college, in a career, and just don’t know what you can do?


This is the show for you.

The weDignify Podcast is where to learn not only how to be pro-life but to live pro-life.

If you believe that our world needs more love, joy, and hope for life then you belong here!

Every week, your host Morgan Korth will teach you how to build a culture of life at work, in your family, and on the daily.


The first three episodes:

Episode 000 – Introducing the weDignify Podcast!

     Join Morgan for the intro episode where she discusses why we are launching a podcast, who the podcast is for, and how you can build a culture of life.

Episode 001 – weDignify, weDIFFERENT…and that’s powerful.

     Kevin Grillot, weDignify Executive Director, joins Morgan to discuss how weDignify went from just one volunteer student in a dorm room to leaders in the pro-life movement.

Episode 002 – What is a “Culture of Life”?

     weDignify Director of Mission Formation, Pamela Rose Suresca, chats with Morgan about what this phrase “culture of life” means, what it looks like, and how you can build one in your day-to-day.


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