Be a Summer Intern with SFLI!

02 Apr Be a Summer Intern with SFLI!

Want to bring love, joy, and hope to your campus?

Want to learn what others students are doing on their campuses?

What to join SFLI in carrying our yellow umbrella for women and children?

Apply for the SFLI Summer Internship Program!

intern collageWork alongside SFLI staff to build up the pro-life movement through events, training, fundraising support, and networking with other pro-life students.

If accepted, you will make a real impact on the direction of the pro-life movement in Illinois, while also gaining invaluable experience in the non-profit sector.

Here’s what Kelly had to say about her experience last year:

“During my internship I have had the chance to speak with individuals who have been involved in the pro-life movement for forty years, and I witnessed the joy that they had when talking to me. My generation provides the hope that they have been looking for.

I always viewed my impact on a college campus level or even on a community level. It did not take long to realize that my actions go beyond what I had imagined.”

  • Details
    • Requirements: Motivated, Proactive, Organized pro-life college student
    • Duration: Part-time unpaid position (2-3 days/week)
    • Start Date: No later than June 16th, dependent on accepted applicant’s school schedule
    • End Date: Approximately 2 1/2 months after start date
  • Application
    • Deadline: April 20th, 2015 at the latest
    • Submit complete application as a .pdf to Kevin Grillot at [email protected]
    • .pdf includes:
      • Page 1 – Cover letter
      • Page 2 – Résumé
      • Page 3-4 – Application Questions
    • Process: following submission of entire application, candidates will be reviewed and contacted by SFLI

Application Questions

  1. What are the primary driving factors that have led you to apply for an internship with SFLI? (Answer in 300-500 words)
  2. Describe ways in which you have reached out to your peers both to
    1. Motivate them to attend events or do an activity
    2. Spread the pro-life message (Answer in 300-500 words)

Questions regarding the position contact Kevin at [email protected]