Big Reach

24 Apr Big Reach

From Illinois to California to Texas

weDignify receives speaking requests from all over the United States. Last semester, Morgan spoke to a high school class in California.

In February, Pamela taught junior high classes in Houston, TX, as part of their theology class.

Students were so intrigued by Pamela’s presentation that they stayed after school to ask questions.

Can you image staying after school to keep learning? That’s how powerful our message is.

One student waited for the others to leave before asking, “How can you help someone who chose abortion despite your best efforts?”

Unfortunately, this middle schooler wasn’t speaking hypothetically. Abortion hurts people of all ages, all areas.

This is why we go out every day to train students into pro-life leaders.

My students really enjoyed what you had to say,” their teacher followed up. “Praise God for your zeal, passion, and love in serving the pro-life movement.”

Only with your tremendous support can we reach more students!