Marching For Something Bigger Than Ourselves

09 Feb Marching For Something Bigger Than Ourselves

This year marks my fourth March for Life, yet it amazes me every time.

Francesca (left) and Melissa marching for life in D.C. with SFLI

Every time is different, more impactful, and a renewal of my convictions. It leaves me hopeful for what the movement will experience in the future.

Quite often, being pro-life on a college campus can make a student feel alone; that everyone is against you. But surrounded by 650,000 others advocating for life is moving and affirming. With a new president who considers himself pro-life, it is the dawn of a new term – four years of pro-life policy potential.

There is hope.

This year, I had the opportunity to be one of the March for Life coordinators for my campus. This year we were blessed to have 27 students from the University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign attend. Being a coordinator grew my pro-life commitment more than I ever anticipated. For every student traveling to Washington D.C. for the first time: I was brought back to my first march.

I was living through the next generation of pro-life students who will be there after I graduate. I marched with the future march for life coordinators, convicted, inspired, and unapologetic pro-life leaders, and peers who I know will build a culture of life wherever they are.  With every twinkle of an eye, smile, tear, cheer, shout, and step I witnessed a fire within each student as they were marching for something bigger than themselves. There is something beautiful to know that I was a part of that.

Less than six months ago, I offered to God my career goals that I had had for the past eight years. I gave Him 100% control of my life. In that short time, I have worked with Illini Collegians for Life and Students for Life of Illinois. I was an SFLI intern, coordinated the March for Life, and I know God is not yet done.

The march is a manifestation that I not only have this year left of college to make an impact, but the rest of my life to continue to fight for the right to life wherever I go in whatever I do.