Bringing Light to the Darkness

19 Apr Bringing Light to the Darkness

From Tragedy to Healing Hope

Abortion has a deep, generational impact.

“I am an abortion survivor. I do not know how many siblings I have since my biological mother successfully aborted all of them except my twin and I.” – Anonymous student testimony from our “Why I Am Pro-life” campaign

“Sometimes you don’t realize you’re directly affected by abortion, but you are,” said Pamela, weDignify’s Director of Mission Formation.

Abortion not only tragically ends a child’s life – it hurts all those in that child’s life. This is why weDignify’s vision includes moving those hurt by abortion to healing hope.

With you, we bring light into this darkness.

Just in the past month, you have brought healing hope to a student, a student’s aunt, and all the way down to an eighth grader in Texas!