11 Jun Today is the Future’s Past

Yesterday on Yahoo News, underneath articles about red carpet disasters and avoiding weight gain, an article called "Rare Photo of Slave Children" caught my eye. I opened the link and saw a photo, dated back to about 1860, of two slave boys. The boys, both probably less than ten years old, are wearing tattered clothing and frowning. The article described the photo as "haunting," and one Civil War authority called it a "generic horror." As I read about the ability of the photo to reveal the realities of slavery, I was reminded of the way that photos can make such a huge impact on people's opinions of an issue. In the future - hopefully much less than 150 years from now - people are going to occasionally come across a photo of an aborted baby (see image below), and they will think to themselves, "What a tragic and appalling period in our history!" They will look back on the genocide that our society is experiencing now, and they will thank their lucky stars that they no longer live in the era of the culture of death. History books will describe the age of abortion as a dark spot on our history, just as our history of slavery is not something we take pride in. We now understand that in the United States the slave trade worked because Americans convinced themselves that slaves were less than human.  As we see slavery now, future generations will see abortion: the dehumanization of human beings for personal gain. In the future, abortion will be unheard of. Someday, the world will see and understand the truth of abortion. Someday, the world will embrace a culture of life. How fast the change happens is up to us. -Rose Schmillen, SFLI Intern Warning: Graphic Abortion Image Below
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15 Mar Take Action Now to Stop the Pro-Abortion Health Care Bill

[Adapted from LifeNews.com]

Contact Your Member of Congress and Urge a NO Vote

1. The first thing every pro-life advocate should do is contact your member of Congress and urge a no vote. Don't just urge a no vote on the Senate bill (H.R. 3590) but on any companion/reconciliation bill to make changes to it (which will not include stopping abortion funding or promotion) and on the so-called Slaughter Rule that would allow the how to "deem" the Senate bill passed if the rule for debate is adopted. If you have already asked your House member to vote no on the bill, please go back and urge a no vote on any companion/reconciliation bill and the Slaughter Rule. You can find contact information for any member of Congress at http://www.house.gov and using the pull down list at the top or the zip code search. 2. Once you have called and emailed your House member, there is still more you can do. Contact your House member via different methods so your representatives understand the full breadth of our opposition to this bill.
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