Daring Greatly

25 May Daring Greatly

April Showers Bring Yellow Umbrellas

“If I got pregnant, I could solve all of my problems with a $400 six week abortion,” a student spat at our pro-life leaders and walked away.

Barehanding at Loyola University Chicago

Other students defaced and tore down our students’ “Why I am Pro-Life” posters.

Despite resistance, our students persist.

WeDignify Small Groups teach students pro-life education, but students don’t keep their education to themselves.

In April, over 40 students spent nearly 10 hours approaching students on campus to spread the pro-life message.

Sophomore Patrick said, “The first time I was nervous… but then I talked to a friend who didn’t seem sure of his beliefs. I was able to use what I learned…and he connected with what I was saying!”

Barehanding at the University of Illinois

Peter talked to two young ladies. They said they would not personally have an abortion, but thought it was necessary in the case of rape.

Peter said, “I used what I learned in small group and told them:

‘One act of violence is not solved by another act of violence.’

They responded, ‘You’re right. That would make it worse!’”

Because of you, our students are changing hearts and minds!