“Dear Future Intern” by Sarah Storto

14 Feb “Dear Future Intern” by Sarah Storto

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Dear Future Intern,

I just want to start out by saying that doing this internship was one of the best things that SFLI has ever done for me. There, it’s out. I said it. But “Why?” (SFLI’s favorite question! lol)

I got started in this whole Pro-Life leadership thing my second semester of sophomore year. Let me tell you, doing this has made me feel uncomfortable, weird, and confused. Long and boring story short, I ended up getting more involved and feeling like I was Pro-Life, finally, by pushing myself into leadership roles and join an SFLI Small Group.

Through Small Group, I gained more confidence in myself and learned some things, but I was still hesitant to be an “activist” and share my Pro-Life knowledge with people who I knew wouldn’t like me after the fact. Reluctantly, I decided to apply for the summer internship and I thought it was going to be a breeze. I would file some papers or do some project, but nothing like activism or speaking. But oh, but did SFLI make sure to change that…

The amazing thing about this internship is how much thought and effort is put purely into your success. Through this internship, I learned so many useful tools, not only to help Loyola Students for Life succeed but also tools and skills to help myself succeed.The SFLI staff bent over backward to help me learn and grow. They are truly dedicated to their students and to the Pro-Life movement, and I got to see that first-hand.

This internship was one of the best things that has ever happened to me, not only in my Pro-Life knowledge but also in the growth of myself. This internship was amazing – it helped me grow in my Pro-Life beliefs, helped me grow as a person, and in my faith: something I really needed at the time. Though moving to Champaign for the whole summer was a hard adjustment for my family and me, the people I met and the SFLI staff made me feel at home. I also met great people through some of the projects assigned and I was able to push myself to do a lot of amazing things.

Don’t get me wrong – this internship was not all easy! It’s a lot of hard work, and the deadlines come and go fast. Your days are filled with things to do and the summer goes by quick. But everything was all worth it.

I think my favorite thing about Students for Life of Illinois is that they are a people-first organization. They care more about you then most organizations ever would. SFLI treats you like family; they always have your back, but they’ll push you when you need it.

Look at me! I was barely Pro-Life at the beginning of my sophomore year. By the middle of my junior year, I spoke to thousands at the March for Life Chicago. I owe it all to this internship.

Future Intern, I am so excited for you to get to experience everything that I did. Before you know it, the summer will be over! Keep an open mind and make the most of it while you have the chance.

With Love,

Sarah Storto
Summer Intern 2017

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