By giving right now

you can send us to campus to reach students with joy
before the despair of abortion.


Sacrificial Love Saves Lives

1 in 5 pregnancies end in abortion. College-aged women and their children are most at risk for abortion. One student at the University of Illinois where we mentor recently posted online:

While everyone else is worried about finals, grades, and the summer, I am worried about making one of the biggest decisions of my life… whether or not I should keep my unborn child.

From an Illinois dorm room, John-Paul Deddens founded weDignify to protect the lives of his peers and their children. And every day since, weDignify has built a future beyond the agony of abortion and into a culture that loves life.

The day before my scheduled appointment…to terminate my pregnancy, I see chalking on the quad expressing Pro-Life [beliefs]…

Sacrificing right now, weDignify goes to campus.
Knowing that peers have the most influence on college-aged students, we spend more time on campus mentoring students into pro-life leaders than any other organization.

This couldn’t just be a coincidence… I decided to think more about my decision. I missed my appointment.

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