Double your gift this Christmas!

22 Dec Double your gift this Christmas!

Last week, I shared Sean and Katie‘s stories.

There are many more students that we want to transform into pro-life students!

Today, you can join us in making that happen.

You have a great opportunity to transform students and save lives, but you must act soon

To make that happen, give to our Christmas campaign. There is only 10 more days to join us.

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But it gets better!
Some very generous donors have offered to match any gift that you give by December 31st up to $27,000!
Whatever you are able to give before the end of the year will count TWO TIMES for SFLI!

When you give: $100                        SFLI receives:  $200

When you give: $500                        SFLI receives:  $1,000

When you give: $1,000                     SFLI receives:  $2,000

And so on…

We are all looking for a way to make our dollars go further. This is a great way to make your dollars go twice as far to save lives, but you have to give now.

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Yet, there’s more!

If we raise $55,000 then a very generous donor will add another $7,000!

Join us right now in reaching more young people to save more lives!

Give today!

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I want you to know that I deeply appreciate your support. Our success at saving lives and transforming students into pro-life leaders comes from you!

I cannot do this without you. Join me in building a culture of life!

Thank you.

Lovin’ Life,


P.S.  Please give the most generous amount that you can so that your gift is doubled!

P.P.S.  Don’t forget, there’s only 10 more days to give to help us save more lives is December 31st!