What We Teach at weDignify

Our mission is to help form virtuous pro-life leaders on campus. Students leaders are equipped to effectively communicate pro-life knowledge, including the dignity of life as well as the complexity and tragedy of abortion. Through application of this pro-life knowledge, they serve individuals in need as a result of an unintended pregnancy or as a result of the tragedy of abortion. 

Our extensive foundational small group curriculum teaches students:

  • How to communicate they are pro-life to friends.
  • When exactly a new life begins (conception) and why other milestones do not signify the beginning of life.
  • What abortion procedures actually are and what unborn children experience while being aborted.
  • The physiological and psychological effects of abortion on women.
  • The history and impact of juridical and legal actions regarding abortion in our country.
  • An approach to a conversation about abortion that is compassionate, but does not shy away from the facts.
  • Myths about abortion and the abortion industry and how to dispel them.
  • The dignity of the human person and our moral responsibility to uphold human dignity through our words and actions.
  • Common pro-choice arguments and how to refute them.
  • How to help someone who has been affected by the tragedy of abortion.

All of these topics and more are firmly rooted in our organizational values of love, hope, and joy. We know from experience that it is essential not only to understand the truth about abortion, but also to communicate it with love and to treat each and every person with dignity and respect.