013 – Abortion Hurts Women | The weDignify Podcast

03 Dec 013 – Abortion Hurts Women | The weDignify Podcast

Dr. Donna Harrison is back to discuss the harm that abortion inflicts on women. At the end of the episode, Morgan shares peer-reviewed research to help you be better equipped to make your case against abortion.

Mentioned in this episode:

American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists – link

Linking Breast Cancer and Abortion – link

Illinois Right to Life: Abortion Hurts Women – link

“Abortion, Substance Abuse and Mental Health in Early Adulthood: Thirteen-Year Longitudinal Evidence from the United States” – link

Planned Parenthood: “How safe is an in-clinic abortion?” – link

Hope After Abortion: Your Stories (stories from women and men who have suffered from abortion) – link


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