037 – Contraception: connected to abortion?

03 Jun 037 – Contraception: connected to abortion?

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Does contraception use decrease abortion rates?

What does the research say?

Today, Mallory Smyth from Endow joins the show to discuss what researchers have found when looking at the relationship between contraceptive use and abortion.

Resources mentioned:

– British writings on contraception:

  • Elle on British Women and Abortions – link
  • British Pregnancy Advisory Services on British women and late-term abortions – link

– Guttmacher Institute (research arm of Planned Parenthood) studies on contraception and abortion – link

– Depo-Provera and monkeys: The Decline of Males by Dr. Lionel Tiger

– Economics and contraception: The Bitter Pill by Timothy Reichert

– Increased hormones in water supply: Can Birth Control Hormones Be Filtered from the Water Supply? from Scientific American

– How birth control changes attraction preferences:

– Encyclical Letter Humane Vitae of Pope Paul VI (July 25, 1968) – link

– Mary Eberstadt on Humanae Vitae: click for video

– More writings on the link between contraception and abortion:

  • Human Life International – link
  • All Life League – link
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