“More excited and hopeful than ever!”

23 Feb “More excited and hopeful than ever!”

Grace O’Connor is a freshman at Loyola University Chicago and is the newly elected Service Chair for Loyola Students for Life. Today, she shares her experience at the 2018 National March for Life:

Grace at the March for Life D.C.

When I was looking for things to get involved in on campus this year, Loyola Students for Life (LSFL) stood out as a group of people who are not only fun and kind but also working for a profound purpose. I have always been Pro-Life, but I never expected myself to be someone actively involved in the Pro-Life movement. So when I decided to go on the March, I even further surprised myself!

I had no idea what to expect from the trip, but I am so grateful that I went. The most powerful part of the March was the number of other college students who were there!

So often, it can seem like everyone on campus disagrees with me as a Pro-Life student. And while there is a lot of strength in being part of LSFL, for LSFL to be one of the thousands of other groups marching, sharing in our love for life at all stages, this was so affirming. The joy of hundreds of thousands of people gathered for life was inspiring and the spirit of all the other young people made me more excited and hopeful than ever!

Before the March for Life, there was a part of me that felt uncomfortable and anxious about being Pro-Life on a college campus – as if being Pro-Life was something that I need to hide and not talk outside of Loyola Students for Life. But after the trip, I feel a lot less discomfort and a whole lot more pride in being a Pro-Life student.

Moving forward, I feel as if I have a new kind of energy and motivation to serve those affected by life-related issues, to participate in activism days, and have important conversations no matter how difficult they can be.

I’m now motivated to be Pro-Life not only in words but in how I live and embrace my own life.

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