“Freedom of Choice Act”

07 Dec “Freedom of Choice Act”


January’s SFLI Activism Day, to be held on Wednesday, January 28th, will be centered on the Freedom of Choice Act.


When you heard about the Freedom of Choice Act was your initial reaction something like…”WTF?!”  That is the reaction most people have on both sides.  This legislation is extreme and it will not pass if we have an informed and active public.

The What The FOCA? project is aimed at using the SFLI January Activism Day to kick off a campaign to educate campuses and the wider public of the dangers of the ‘Freedom of Choice Act.’

We have created WhatTheFOCA.com to help us reach out to more people.  Please visit this site for updates on what you can do to spread the truth about FOCA!

Post your ‘WTF?!’ reaction to FOCA here.

Sign the What The FOCA? Petition here.

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