Hiring – Campus Mentor Position (Chicago)

25 Jan Hiring – Campus Mentor Position (Chicago)

 SFLI is hiring a Campus Mentor for the Campus Mentor Program in Chicago.


A Campus Mentor transforms students into virtuous, skilled, pro-life leaders, so they can build and nurture a culture of life on campus and in their future communities.

As a result, people are transformed and lives are saved.



A Campus Mentor inspires students to grow and serve others. Mentoring involves 1 on 1 development of virtues and skills in students, as well as, training small groups of students in pro-life knowledge. A Campus Mentor reaches out to new students and is a pro-life presence. A Campus Mentor is a pro-life missionary living near students and serving when they are available.

Support Raising

Every team member has successfully support raised his/her salary with SFLI’s training, guidance, and support. In the last 3 years, every team member increased his/her salary to sustainable levels.

Through Support Raising, Campus Mentors inspire people they know or meet to join with them in SFLI’s mission by investing regularly to send the Campus Mentor to campus.

There are many costs to being a Campus Mentor. SFLI invests in each team member through an incremental process, so each team member may be successful. In the 1st year, a Campus Mentor is responsible for at least 66% of his/her salary while SFLI invests up to 34% in salary and covers additional costs. Each year following is laid out in the Support Raising Policy.

SFLI Projects

Every SFLI team member assists with projects & events as assigned.


Campus Mentor Candidates are:

  • Passionate about SFLI’s vision, mission, and symbol (the yellow umbrella)
  • Growing in leadership skills and virtuous
  • Possess strong interpersonal skills (including relationship building & community building)
  • Willing to implement SFLI’s proven methods
  • Additional skills: organized, takes initiative, independent worker, proactive, & mature


Start Date: May 15, 2017

  • Can be flexible on the exact start date.
  • Must complete support raising training prior to start, including a 2 day conference
    • expenses reimbursed by SFLI
  • Must attend SFLI’s Spring Staff Retreat

Location – This is not a desk job.

  • Primarily on 2 Chicago campuses
  • 1 day a week in SFLI’s Chicago Office (17 N State)
  • Must live near the campus(es) assigned to, not exceeding a 25 minute commute.

Schedule – This is not a 9-5 job.

  • Set each academic session to maximize mentoring students & building relationships.
  • Includes evenings & weekend time for student activities.
    • Required to set aside 2 weekday nights not working beyond 6pm for yourself.
  • Summer time varies based on support raising.

Salary range: $30,000 – $35,000


1-fullsizerender-1-001Deadline: February 24th, 2017

Submission: To apply, submit the following as one .pdf attachment to [email protected]:

  • Page 1: Cover Letter
  • Page 2: Resumé
  • Page 3: References
    • Include names, emails and phone numbers for 3 references:
      • 2 Professionals (including job title)
      • 1 Personal (including how you know this person)
  • Page 4: In one page or less, write on one of SFLI’s leadership skills (Composure, How to Motivate Others, or Quality Decision Making). Include what it is, why it is important for a pro-life leader, and a personal story that demonstrates your proficiency in that skill.
  • Page 5: In one page or less, write on one SFLI virtue (Humility, Empathy, Willingness to Grow and Sacrifice, and Vision-Driven). Include what it is, why it is important for a pro-life leader, and a personal story that demonstrates your understanding of this virtue.

Hiring Stages: Application, Phone Interview, In Person Interview, On Site Interview