Apply to be a weDignify Campus Mentor!

05 Sep Apply to be a weDignify Campus Mentor!


We envision college campuses to be centers for a culture of life where people treat life with love, new life is welcomed with joy, and people suffering from abortion are led to healing hope.

Our mission is to mentor college students into skilled, virtuous, pro-life leaders, so they can build and nurture a culture of life on campus and in their future communities.


Why Campus Mentors?

The complexity of abortion demands a dynamic response. 

The prevalent, personal tragedy of abortion demands a relational response.

The hostility against a culture of life demands both education and leadership formation.

Dynamic, relational Campus Mentors transform students to change culture and save lives.


What is a Campus Mentor’s Job?

A Campus Mentor (CM) mentors students into skilled, virtuous, pro-life leaders through:

Mentoring: form student mentees in pro-life virtues and leadership skills through 1 on 1 meetings.

Small Groups: teach student small groups (5-8) weDignify’s pro-life curriculum through weekly meetings. A CM oversees or facilitates multiple small groups and advances students in leadership.

Chapters: CM’s guide student Chapters, especially Core team leaders. Student Chapters have 3 pillars (education, service, and activism) that guide their actions to build a culture of life on campus. All actions are conducted through weDignify’s Dialogue with Dignity TM philosophy.

Events: weDignify provides broadscale events that educate, equip, and empower students from all our Chapters and beyond. A CM brings students and provides event support.


How does weDignify support a Campus Mentor?

WeDignify is dedicated to people and that starts with our team members first. Our support includes summer training, weekly mentorship, semester retreats, team time, and more!


How is a Campus Mentor funded?

Through proven training, a CM builds a support team from people the CM knows. Support team members join in weDignify’s mission by financially investing to send the CM to campus. Every CM who has followed weDignify’s training has successfully raised his/her salary. To support a new CM is building his/her support team, weDignify invests in the CM’s salary (up to 34% in the 1st year) and then incrementally decreases. Each year’s details are defined in the Support Raising Policy.


Campus Mentor Candidates Are:

  • Passionate about weDignify’s vision, mission, and symbol – the yellow umbrella
  • Willing to learn and implement weDignify methodology
  • Growing in leadership skills and virtues
  • Possess strong interpersonal skills (including relationship building & community building)
  • Additional skills: organized, takes initiative, independent worker, proactive, & mature



Start Date: May 2019 (exact date TBD)

  • Prior to start requirements: attend April Welcome Weekend (April 12-14) and Support Raising preparation, including, but not limited to readings & reflections

LocationThis is not a desk job.

  • Campus Placement is determined in the Spring prior to start date
  • During school year, must live near campus, not exceeding a 25 minute commute.

ScheduleThis is not a 9-5 job.

  • Your schedule is determined each academic session. To maximize mentoring students & building relationships, it includes evenings & weekend time. Although, you are required to set aside 2 weekday nights not working beyond 6pm for yourself.
  • Summer time varies based on support raising.

Starting Salary range: $30,000 – $35,000



DEADLINE: October 30th at 5PM


To apply, submit the following as one .pdf attachment to Morgan at [email protected]:

  • Page 1: Cover Letter
  • Page 2: Resumé
  • Page 3: 3 References including names, emails, & phone numbers for 2 Professionals (include job title) & 1 Personal (include how you know this person)
  • Page 4: In 1 page or less, write on one of weDignify’s leadership skills (Composure, How to Motivate Others, or Quality Decision Making). Include what it is, why it is important for a pro-life leader, and a personal story that demonstrates your proficiency in that skill.
  • Page 5: In 1 page or less, write on one weDignify’s virtues (Humility, Empathy, Willingness to Grow and Sacrifice, and Vision-Driven). Include what it is, why it is important for a pro-life leader, and a personal story that demonstrates your understanding of this virtue.


For more information, check out:

Deadline: 5pm October 30th | Questions contact Morgan at [email protected]