How You Create Leaders

11 Apr How You Create Leaders

From unsure to pro-life leader

Education delivered in a trusting context changes hearts and that is what the weDignify small groups are doing!

Last fall at U of I, Mary Beth recruited a freshman, Anthony, to join.

Small Group leaders, Anthony and Mary Beth

“I was unsure where I stood between pro-life and pro-choice. But I saw joining a small group as a chance to learn more.”

And that’s exactly what happened:

“Small group was a great time of growth. I became more knowledgeable on the abortion issue – from the political, to the medical, and to the philosophical.”

Anthony learned so much that he stepped up to create and lead his own small group.

How’s his small group going?

Well, he recruited so many peers it’s barely “small.” Each week they cram into an apartment and Anthony teaches weDignify’s curriculum.

Emma said, “I’ve learned so much in our small group – I want to run for president!”

In 1 semester, you taught a freshman to be pro-life. Now that freshman is teaching 7 of his peers to be pro-life leaders!

Thank you for creating a ripple effect for life!