How You Moved Thousands!

20 Feb How You Moved Thousands!

2 marches + 2 buses = 1 transformational week

106 SFLI students marched in D.C.!

In January, SFLI students from 10 colleges marched in the March for Life Chicago and the National March for Life. Both were themed, “Love Saves Lives” – a message you know and live. 

The March for Life Chicago has grown from 200 to over 6,000! Now the largest pro-life event in the Midwest, SFLI leads the front of the March. Our Executive Director, Kevin Grillot, is the march’s Vice President and an SFLI student speaks, along with prominent religious and public leaders.

Student speaker Sarah Storto, pictured right, urged all “to build together a culture where love truly does save lives.”

One student called Sarah’s speech, “extremely moving!”

Click here to listen to Sarah’s full speech!

Four days later, SFLI loaded 2 buses bound for DC. This year’s attendance doubled with over 100 students. The pilgrimage had pro-life presentations, the rally, and the march.

You transformed so many students! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting student testimonies. The first is from Katie, a sophomore at U of I:

“If someone had told me I would be at the March for Life, I would have laughed in their face…”

Click here to read the rest of Katie’s testimony!