Illinois – Stem Cell Action Needed

01 Jun Illinois – Stem Cell Action Needed

Somehow I had no idea that this vote was taking place but, the Illinois House just passed a bill that provides for state funding for the embryonic stem cell research. It also provides for therapeutic cloning, which basically means they are allowed to used tax-payer money to clone people and then kill the clone for his/her stem cells.

This is a last ditch effort since Gov. Blagojevich is for this kind of research, but please contact him at [email protected] and ask him to veto the bill!

The legislature is still in session for a short time so you can also contact your reps and let them know how you feel about this bill. Look them up here:

Here is a sample letter that you could send to the Governor.

Dear Governor Blagojevich,

I am very much opposed to the use of state funding in embryonic stem cell research. I am writing to ask you to veto the bill that will soon come before you that allows for the killing of a human at the embryo stage. I am in full support of adult stem cell research which has provided many treatments. Please put my tax money towards this ethical and more practical alternative.

Thank you,