“An incredible feeling of support and care”

12 Feb “An incredible feeling of support and care”

In January, SFLI led a group of over 100 students from 11 different Illinois schools to the National March for Life in Washington, D.C. Students returned excited and inspired to lead on their campuses. 

In the coming week, we will be sharing a few of these students’ stories. The first is from Kristiana, a freshman at Loyola University Chicago. Here’s Kristiana’s story:

This year, I went to the March for Life in DC for the third time, but I wasn’t as excited for this March as I had been before.

Kristiana at the march - Edited

Kristiana, left, and Melissa, right, at the March for Life

I didn’t feel like I had as much motivation and reason to march in comparison to last year when two of my cousins were pregnant out of wedlock.

My 19 year-old cousin became pregnant with her boyfriend, whom she did not love, in another country. Despite pressure to abort the baby, she chose life.

I march for my cousins. I felt a strong passion to make a public stand about something I truly, deeply cared about; and knowing that my voice was directly affecting my family felt so powerful.

After the other Marches for Life I attended, my emotions faded and I felt less and less passionate as the time passed. This year, I wanted to find a passion to march again, but for it to stick with me this time.

I wanted to be able to learn how to stand up for life everyday, not just once a year.

It is not easy, but it is definitely easier with the support of the great people that are Students for Life of Illinois.

There is an incredible feeling of support and care within the group that you get stronger in your own march for life every day.

We are so glad that Kristiana is part of Students for Life of Illinois and that we can support her in standing up for life on campus!