Be a Summer Intern with SFLI!

24 Mar Be a Summer Intern with SFLI!

Apply to be an intern for SFLI, the largest and most effective statewide pro-life organization serving college campuses!

Work alongside SFLI staff to build up the pro-life movement through events, media, fundraising support, and networking with other pro-life students.

If accepted, you will make a real impact on the direction of the pro-life movement in Illinois, while also gaining invaluable experience in the non-profit sector.

Here’s what Molly had to say about her experience last year:

“Wow, how blessed am I to be apart of something so great and so good!? My eyes were opened to the opportunities that lie ahead, the differences that can be made, and the reality that I truly am the pro-life generation… This has been an experience that I will never forget and the connections I have made through other students, pro life leaders, family, and friends, are unforgettable.”

  • Requirements: Motivated, Proactive, Organized pro-life college student

  • Duration: Part-time unpaid position (15-20 hrs/week)

  • Start Date: No later than June 16th, dependent on accepted applicant’s school year

  • End Date: Approximately 2 1/2 months after start date

  • Application Includes: Cover letter, Résumé, and Application Questions

  • Submission: Submit complete application to Anna Slater at [email protected]

  • Application Deadline: April 14th, 2014 at the latest

  • Application Process: following submission of entire application, candidates will be reviewed and contacted by Kevin Grillot, Executive Director

Summer 2014 Chicago Internship Application Questions

In a separate document, please complete the following questions to the best of your ability. Send your application questions, résumé, and cover letter to [email protected] by April 14th at the latest.

  1. What are the primary driving factors that have led you to apply for an internship with SFLI? (Answer in 300 words)

  2. Describe a time in which you took the initiative to organize an event and how you grew from the experience. (Answer in 300-500 words)

  3. Describe ways in which you have reached out to your peers both to

    1. Motivate them to attend events or do an activity

    2. Spread the pro-life message (Answer in 300-500 words)


Questions regarding the position contact Anna Slater, SFLI Intern, at  [email protected].