Jack is Back.

01 Jun Jack is Back.

Jack Kevorkian, aka Dr. Death, will be released from prison tomorrow.  He says that when he is released he will be campaigning for euthanasia.  This should prove to be interesting.  He is very well known and to most people, it seems, his name evokes feelings and ideas that are not so pleasant.  However, with his name recognition different pro-euthanasia groups such as the Hemlock Society could try to paint him as a hero and put him up as their poster-boy.  We can only hope that his campaigning will crash and burn and if the hemlocks or anyone else try to use him that his reputation lessens their credibility.

I once heard a quotation and I will try to reproduce it here:

“The question of whether euthanasia is an attempt at compassion for the sufferings of the terminally ill or a eugenic attempt to remove ‘undesirables’ from our population now has an answer.  It is both.”

I agree.  I think your average American who supports it thinks of the sufferings of the terminally ill and wants to help them.  This is a noble motivation, however, I also think the Nazi era elitism is back in a different form.

The first gas chambers in Germany, after all, were in hospitals.  They were used on the mentally and physically handicapped. Who were ‘useless eaters’ as the Nazi doctors called them.  ‘Life Unworthy of Life’

There are still people today who think this way.  Students for Life of Illinois is here to stand against that sort of thought and to say that ALL life is worthy of life! From conception until natural death!

There is a great amount of room for abuse when it comes to assisted suicide. That, however, is a topic for another post.

In the end we must remember that the only proper response to suffering is love not death.

Here is a story about reactions of family members of Kevorkian’s patients to his release:  http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/18965904/

*Interesting side note:  The word compassion broken down means to suffer with.  Euthanasia proponents use the word compassion a lot, but by ending someones life to end their suffering one is not suffering with them.