“I knew I could not stop”

02 Apr “I knew I could not stop”

Sara Fecko Testimony Picture

This is the second testimony from students who went with us to the March for Life in Washington, D.C. It comes from Sara who attends Loyola University Chicago.  Here’s Sara:

As last semester came to a close, my friends in Loyola Students for Life approached me on numerous occasions encouraging me to come on the March for Life.

Although I considered myself pro-life, I had never thought enough about it to have a strong stance.

I admit I even avoided those same friends when they were standing outside our student center on activism days asking people where they stood on the issue.

 The trip to D.C. was exactly what I needed to remedy that.

 The SFLA Conference gave me the time and resources I needed to reaffirm my beliefs and to talk to others about them. Between hearing testimonies from post-abortive women…hearing Stephanie Gray speak, something clicked.

I have never been closely involved with an abortion myself, so until that day I had been able to look at the facts and make a relatively informed, objective decision. I had chosen life, but I didn’t know why. Hearing all the personal stories immediately invested me emotionally.

I knew I could no longer just push off thinking about the controversial topic.

 The next day we went to the March for Life. I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of people willing to brave the cold. All of the students from Chicago joined together in cheering the chants we had composed on the bus ride there.

I was so inspired by the people standing on the side of the path holding signs that said they had been conceived by rape.

We cheered for them as we went by, but I wish I’d had the opportunity to go up to all of them and personally thanking each of them for sharing.

 I knew I could not stop fighting after leaving D.C., so I looked for ways to stay involved. I signed up to volunteer at the local pregnancy crisis center near Loyola’s campus, and I have started asking my friends and peers where they stand on the issue.

I will never forget the support and unity shown by everyone who came.

We are so glad that Sara is a part of this crucial pro-life movement with Students for Life of Illinois.