Life Changing

15 Dec Life Changing

It’s getting close to Christmas time and I have some wonderful news to share with you. It’s about an opportunity for you to help me impact the pro-life views of young people!

Before I tell you about that exciting opportunity, I want to tell you about one of our students named Sean.

As the new president of his student group, Sean was really excited to lead his peers in focusing on the people in the pro-life movement. As you know, we at SFLI know that each person is very important to the pro-life movement and we teach our students this.

When Sean presented this to the other student leaders, they did not understand why people in the movement would be his focus.

They pushed back saying, “Why does this matter? Why are the people in the pro-life movement so important?”

With tears pouring down his face, Sean abruptly left the room.

Our Campus Mentor, Pam, was surprised to see him walk out. She followed him out and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Overwhelmed, Sean said, “I can’t do this.”

Pam guided him through the struggle of leading fellow students and encouraged him to continue. She was thinking that this was just another case of a student getting overwhelmed.

She was wrong. There was more to the story.

You see, Sean knew first hand why every person in the pro-life movement is important. Every student we bring in can make an eternal difference.

Shortly after, Sean came to Pam and said, “I want to be a good President.” Sean paused and looking up he said, “You’re my mentor. It’s time I tell you something…”

Then Sean shared something that he hadn’t told anyone else. His sister recently became pregnant unexpectedly. “I didn’t think this would happen in my family,” Sean told Pam.

In crisis, Sean’s sister called him because she knew of his involvement with SFLI. He was shocked, but responded with love, offering to help her and her child.

Sean told Pam, “There’s more at stake now because it’s happening to me. I feel like it’s time for me to share what this really means for me.”

Sean went on to help his sister through the struggles of choosing life.

Last month, Sean’s sister had a healthy baby boy! Sean continues to be a supportive, proud uncle.

Sean didn’t stop there. He went on to lead his campus pro-life group in their best quarter ever!!

Yet, Pam isn’t surprised by the group’s growth as she has been mentoring Sean into a pro-life leader for over a year now.

Neither am I, because this is the impact that our Campus Mentor Program has in the lives of hundreds of students!

With your help, we can train even more students to be like Sean.

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Today, you have a great opportunity to multiply that training and help us build up more passionate pro-life students who will save even more lives!

Some very generous donors have offered to match any gift that you give by December 31st up to $27,000!

Whatever you are able to give before the end of the year will count TWO TIMES for SFLI!

When you give: $100                        SFLI receives:  $200

When you give: $500                        SFLI receives:  $1,000

When you give: $1,000                     SFLI receives:  $2,000

And so on…

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We are all looking for a way to make our dollars go further. This is a great way to make your dollars go twice as far to save lives.

Yet, there’s more. If we raise $55,000 then a very generous donor will add another $7,000!

Join us in reaching more young people to save more lives!

Save Lives

I want you to know that I deeply appreciate your support. Our success at saving lives and transforming students into pro-life leaders comes from you!

I cannot do this without you. Join me in building a culture of life!

Thank you.

Lovin’ Life,


P.S.  Please give the most generous amount that you can so that your gift is doubled!

P.P.S.  Don’t forget, the deadline give to help us save more lives is December 31st!