Man Up.

20 Sep Man Up.

Young men have a huge influence, if they have the courage and tools to speak up.

Executive Director, Kevin Grillot (far left), stands with the young men at SFLI’s Leadership Bootcamp.

This summer, SFLI staffer, Pam, met with Peter for a fundraising meeting. Speaking quickly, Peter immediately said, “I don’t know what to do!”

Just days before, Peter’s friend, Joe, came to him. Joe’s girlfriend, Monica, was pregnant.

Joe said, “We can’t have this child!” Joe feared the costs and not finishing school, so he told Monica to get an abortion.

Looking back at Pam, Peter said, “I have to do something because I didn’t say anything before.”

Tragically, Peter had already remained silent when a different friend had an abortion.

“I can’t let this happen again. I can’t be silent!”

SFLI taught Peter how to speak up. Uncertain, Peter said, “I’ll do what I can.”

Then, Peter inspired Joe to overcome his fears. Now, Joe and Monica are choosing life!

Because of you, another life was saved!

Now, Peter donates to SFLI every month because he’s seen first hand how SFLI’s training saves lives.