Men in the Movement

14 Jun Men in the Movement

Why do men care about abortion?
Why do men take a side when the culture at large leads us to believe that this is strictly a “women’s health issue”?
Why should anyone take Pro-Life men seriously?
If men can’t ever be pregnant, why should they be given a voice in the matter?

Sam, weDignify Summer Intern

Questions like these are often faced by Pro-Life men, and they are by no means easy to grapple with. Their character, motivations, and intentions are questioned for caring about this controversial issue. Even if these claims are unsubstantiated, myself and Pro-Life men like me have a responsibility to know how to respond to them.

As a Pro-Life man, I’ve often struggled with these questions. They became especially hard to answer when I entered a large, public university after attending a small, all-boys school for 7 years straight.

However difficult these questions are, though, I’m thankful for the opportunity to face them. It’s easy to feel as if your voice doesn’t hold as much weight around the topic of abortion, as so much of the discourse is dominated by female voices. However, men have the same responsibility as women to uphold the dignity of all life, build a culture of life, and to live the Pro-Life message through our words and actions.

Abortion is not a women’s or men’s issue. It is a human issue.

Babies, both boys and girls, are aborted every day. All humans, men and women alike, should have a vested interest in upholding the dignity of human life, especially at its most vulnerable stage.

The reality of abortion is one that we all encounter in our lives. For me, it was when a cousin of mine conceived a child out of wedlock at age 19 and had the courage to choose life. Her son is now 8 years old, and a joyful loved member of our family. Our lives would not be the same without him.

One of the most common misconceptions about the Pro-Life movement, but especially about men in the movement, is that we are unfeeling to the plight of the mother or we are placing the responsibility of the child solely on her. This is simply not true. It is not our place to judge a woman for her situation and past decisions, but rather empower her and help her find the resources necessary to choose life.

The father has just as much responsibility for the child. Leaving one’s child and his or her mother is immature and cowardly and should not be tolerated. This is a reason why women are often just as much the victims of abortion as the child.

In a day and age where personal responsibility is merely brushed aside, Pro-Life men must be a shining example of maturity and commitment.

Speaking directly to the men now: being a Pro-Life man in this day and age is not easy. Some will call you sexist, oppressor, or antiquated. However, meaningful change cannot and will not happen without some discomfort. Your beliefs are not truly your own until they have been tested, so do not be afraid to live the Pro-Life movement. Dignify every human person through your interactions, and the truth of your message will show.

The truly amazing thing I’ve come to realize about the pro-life movement is that it doesn’t care about what makes us different. It transcends any barriers that some would have you believe are impenetrable. It is not about politics, but about what makes us human. Women and men of any race, religion, creed, walk of life, or economic standing are welcomed and encouraged to build a culture where all human life is dignified.

Sam Thornton is a Summer Intern with weDignify. He is a rising sophomore at the University of Illinois studying Marketing and General Management.