Merry Christmas!

08 Dec Merry Christmas!

Dear Friends,

I have an incredible opportunity for you! First, I need to share with you what our students face.

The hookup culture is everywhere. Just take a look at the opening lines of a recent cover story in DePaul University’s student newspaper, The DePaulia:

“Imagine getting a condom delivered to your dorm as easily and efficiently as it is to order a pizza on your phone…sex is one of the many things that is just part of student life…”

This isn’t a joke! A group of students actually delivers condoms. You just “Text Jane.”

This is why college-aged students are most at risk for abortion.

To change this, you send us.  Send us now with your gift!


Lives on the Line

Two Christmas letters ago, I told you about Ashley. As a freshman, she became pregnant by her boyfriend, Gary.

At first, Gary told her to do whatever she wanted. Feeling unsupported, Ashley scheduled an abortion.

The appointment came, yet Ashley did not go. “I just couldn’t do it.” But the story does not end there.

As weeks went by, Gary’s emotional abuse of Ashley escalated.

Gary threatened to kill Ashley and their baby!

Fearing for her life, Ashley got a restraining order against Gary. This left her completely alone in a crisis pregnancy.

Ashley scheduled a second abortion appointment.

Ashley was still torn about having an abortion. She missed the second appointment.

When she went home for the summer, her mother connected her to a pregnancy help center, who directed her to us. The center knew Ashley needed the support only SFLI provides.

Returning to school, Ashley reached out to us. SFLI staffer, Pam, guided Ashley out of crisis and into a plan for her and her baby.

Our students rallied around Ashley: helped her find resources, hosted a babyshower and more. The students’ babysitting allowed Ashley to finish the very semester she gave birth.

If Ashley would have taken any leave of absence, she would have lost her full ride scholarship. In fact, Ashley hasn’t missed a single semester and she has only 1 semester left!

This Spring, Ashley will graduate and her beautiful daughter just turned 2!

Through your support, the plan that SFLI guided Ashley to create has become reality!

Make life a reality for more children – give here!


Changing Hearts: From Pro-Choice to Pro-Life Leader

“I’m pro-choice and I’m not going to be one of those girls who changes her mind.”

That’s what Kimberly told our student leader, Mary Beth. But then her friends went on the SFLI March for Life trip. Her Facebook filled up with pro-life messages. Kimberly learned what abortion actually is.

Sobbing, she journaled, “The shades of grey fell away. I can’t be passive, especially because I’m an aspiring medical professional!”

It wasn’t long before Mary Beth persuaded Kimberly to join an SFLI small group. Each week, Kimberly learned from the SFLI curriculum – and she hasn’t missed a meeting all semester!

As part of a discussion for the Pre-Med Society on the medical ethics of abortion, students were asked to pick a side.

Kimberly was the only one who went to the pro-life side. That’s right, all of her peers were looking at her – they were all standing against her…

Because of our training, Kimberly was prepared. “Last year, I would have been with you [pro-choice]. Now I’m firmly pro-life…” By the end, students were joining with Kimberly!

Next semester, she is leading her own SFLI pro-life small group to convert more students to be pro-life. In just 12 months, your support changed her from pro-choice into a pro-life leader!

From Spring to Fall, SFLI’s small groups increased by 4 times and more are coming!

But we can’t keep saving lives and changing hearts without you!

Your support powerfully moves students out of the hookup culture and into pro-life leaders.

You have increased pro-life events on campus by 5 times!

To keep growing, we need you now! Join Kimberly and all of SFLI in never being passive!

Now is your time to act! The Christmas Campaign goal is to raise $110,000 to save lives.

All gifts are DOUBLED up to $50,000!

Very generous donors will DOUBLE any gift up to $50,000!  But you have to give by December 31st.

Whatever you give by December 31st will count TWO TIMES for SFLI!

When you give: $250          SFLI receives:  $500

When you give: $1,000      SFLI receives:  $2,000

When you give: $2,500      SFLI receives:  $5,000

And so on…


I deeply appreciate your support.

Please click here to give your generous investment to change more students like Kimberly from pro-choice into a pro-life leader!

Our success comes from you!

I cannot do this without you. Join me in building a culture of life!


          Thank You and Merry Christmas!





            Kevin Grillot                      John-Paul Deddens                                   

            Executive Director           President    


P.S.  Ashley chose life for her daughter and is now graduating! Save more lives by giving your generous gift right now!


P.P.S.  All gifts are DOUBLED up to $50,000, but you have to give by December 31st!