Merry Christmas!

07 Dec Merry Christmas!

Dear Friends,

How do you change a heart from pro-choice to pro-life? It’s hard, right?

Well, weDignify does it every day!

I’m not talking about generic ‘education’ or ‘spreading the word.’ No, I’m talking about real minds changed. Lives changed.

We do this in the most pro-choice environment imaginable!

Not only are college campuses incredibly pro-choice, but Planned Parenthood recently described Illinois as “the abortion oasis of the Midwest.”

And this year Illinois taxes paid for more abortions than ever before. How awful!

And we know the problem is not just in Illinois.


Proudly pro-life

At Marquette University, our students put up a display to honor the lives lost to abortion. A pro-choice student group – funded by the university – quickly vandalized the display!

Sometimes it seems impossible to change hearts on abortion – but weDignify does the impossible. We transform students into leaders who overcome all the obstacles.

Let me give you an example with a student named Alex…

“I did not have an opinion on the abortion debate… I know that most of my family are pro-choice. Whenever it came up in conversation, I would remain silent,” Alex said.

Because of weDignify, she is no longer staying silent.

It started when one of our students invited Alex to a meeting. Alex quickly became pro-life because of what weDignify taught her!

Change more hearts like Alex – give here!

Proudly pro-life

Alex is now speaking up about her pro-life beliefs – even though her family doesn’t support her.

She proclaimed, “My soul has been set on fire; I feel more convicted, hopeful, and more prepared to face an apathetic world.

I know that I can never go back to that girl I was 6 months ago. We all need to be active in this fight – it’s the only way that we can make a change!”

Alex is already leading her peers – she brought 22 students to the weDignify Conference and has already spoken at two pro-life events! Wow!

From silent on abortion to pro-life leader in 6 months, your generosity changed Alex’s life!

And Alex isn’t the only one. Like I said, we do this every day! Let me introduce you to Olivia…

Olivia was pro-choice until she met weDignify.

weDignify intern Mary Beth convinced Olivia to join a weDignify small group. In just a few weeks, Olivia changed her mind! Olivia told Mary Beth:

I am most definitely pro-life now and am prepared to back it up thanks to you! All that you’re doing with weDignify is outstanding.”

Incredible! From pro-choice to pro-life in just a few weeks!

Because of your support, both Olivia and Alex became pro-life!

We don’t just hold signs and protest. We don’t just sign petitions. We go further. We grow the pro-life movement by transforming pro-choice students into pro-life leaders.

When weDignify launched the pilot Small Group Program, we knew we were filling the need for effective pro-life education.

Just like with all our other programs, we go the extra mile. And this program has taken off!

We started with a pilot program of only 10 students.

Now, over 100 students are in pro-life small groups learning how to change hearts and save lives meeting every week! – this is on top of Chapter events, mentor meetings, and more!

These are the same small groups that changed Alex and Olivia.

To keep growing, we need you now! Join Alex, Olivia, and all of weDignify in changing hearts and minds right now.

Today you have an opportunity to MULTIPLY your investment in pro-life students!

A very generous supporter has offered weDignify a $10,000 check if we reach our goal of raising $110,000 to help continue our Small Group Program.

That’s just the beginning, it gets even better…

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Double your impact

All gifts are DOUBLED up to $50,000! But you have to give by December 31st.

Whatever you give by December 31st will count TWO TIMES for weDignify!

                  When you give: $250                        weDignify receives:  $500

                  When you give: $1,000                     weDignify receives:  $2,000

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                  And so on…

I deeply appreciate your support.

We are all looking for a way to make our dollars go further. This is a great way to make your dollars go twice as far to save lives.

Our matching donors have agreed to match NEW monthly pledges for the entire year! You can multiply your gift every month of 2019!  

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Our success comes from your generosity!

I cannot do this without you. Join me in building a culture of life!

          Thank You and Merry Christmas!




          Kevin Grillot                      John-Paul Deddens

          Executive Director           President

P.S.  Please give the most generous gift you can, so weDignify can receive an extra $10,000!

P.P.S.  All gifts are DOUBLED up to $50,000, but you have to give by December 31st!