On the Frontlines

10 Nov On the Frontlines

It’s okay to be scared. It’s not okay to be silent.

Pro-Life Chalking on the Quad

While preparing SFLI’s November 2017 newsletter, Morgan answered SFLI’s phone. His voice boomed across the line, “Why would you even think abortion hurts women?

Days after the conference, University of Illinois’ group chalked pro-life messages all over the Quad and then tabled.

They reached thousands, even the angry man. What set him off? The message that offered help if someone was hurt by abortion.

While tabling, pro-life student, Francesca, recognized Jessica from her lab class walking up to the table. Jessica looked down at the message, “Adoption not abortion.” She spit on it and walked away.

Many people would stop after being rejected by peers.

Yet at the Conference, Anna Slater proclaimed, “it’s okay to be scared. It’s not okay to be silent!” That hit home.

When persecuted and spit at, our students persevere.

Francesca said, “It was nothing we didn’t know how to handle.” That’s the power of SFLI’s training.

And Francesca knows exactly why to sacrifice:

“Most importantly a [pregnant] girl reached out to us because of those messages!”

Everyday SFLI teaches students how to help pregnant students.