On The Frontlines

22 Oct On The Frontlines

One person. One connection. Two lives to save.

Earlier this year, weDignify at UIUC hosted a “Pro-Life 101” event. Our students educated and connected with many different campus ministries and organizations on basic pro-life knowledge and arguments.

One month ago, weDignify was asked to help a mother save her child. 

A counselor who came to Pro-Life 101 reached out to us: 

“I have an expectant momma who took the abortion pill but is looking to reverse it. Can you give me the names of any health professionals in the area who can do it?”

Less than 3 hours later, weDignify connected the counselor with a pro-life OB/GYN who has experience reversing the abortion pill.

This is the reality in our world today. 

The abortion pill is easily available through any healthcare provider. The decision to obtain and use it can happen so quickly. The presence of a loving community can evoke change just as quickly. It can educate, prevent the loss of life, and support students when they need it most. 

This is weDignify on the frontlines. If we weren’t right there on campus, students wouldn’t know who we are. Students and professionals wouldn’t know who to ask or where to go in the hours that matter.

We are exactly where we need to be.