“Our movement is about love.”

07 Mar “Our movement is about love.”

“Last year, although I was pro-life I went to the March for Life because we were going to DC and I was really looking forward to the free day… I didn’t think much of it. This year was different.”

Diana (left) at the March for Life

Diana was so inspired by weDignify that she jumped at the opportunity to become the March for Life Coordinator. Many students would be content “preaching to the choir” to fill the bus – but not Diana.

“I was able to convince 3 of my friends to come even though they weren’t sure what they believed about abortion! I didn’t know I was capable of making that kind of difference on them.”

After the March for Life, Diana and other students encountered pro-choice protesters screaming at a pro-life man.

“I had this moment of clarity – there is no way that this empowers women. There is no way that the pro-choice people are right – they want rights for everyone, but not the most vulnerable.”

And Diana’s not done – she’s fired up!

“Coming back from the March for Life, I realized that being pro-life is a big part of who I am – now I want to go out and have more conversations and convert more hearts!”