Parent’s Right to Know Still Uncertain

01 May Parent’s Right to Know Still Uncertain

Please consider the following actions to help protect minors from Planned Parenthood who is lobbying to water-down the parental notification law that should go into effect in Illinois. Right now, a minor can get an abortion in Illinois without telling her parents at all.

See below the fold for an urgent call on HB 317:

From Catholic Conference’s Zach Wichmann:

Hello all:

In announcing the defeat of House Bill 317 last Thursday, I mentioned that the supporters of the bill still had options. Little did I know how quickly they would take advantage of one of those options.

Representative Robert Molaro has filed a motion to reconsider the vote. This means that the House of Representatives may, really at any time, vote on the motion. If the motion receives 60 votes then House Bill 317 will be voted on again. We can be sure that Planned Parenthood and Personal PAC are already working the roll call, trying to change NO votes to YES votes. We cannot let that happen. The roll call can be found here:

I must once again urge you all to contact your state representative. If they voted NO last week, thank them and urge them to stick with us by voting NO on the motion to reconsider, and if that fails, again on House Bill 317. The message remains: “House Bill 317, even as amended, removes parents and notification from the Parental Notification statute. Vote NO!”

We really need to contact the following state representatives who voted NO to thank them and urge them to stay strong:

Representative John D’Amico 217-782-8198
Representative Ruth Munson 217-782-8020
Representative Sandy Pihos 217-782-8037
Representative George Scully 217-782-1719
Representative Joe Dunn 217-782-6507
Representative Renee Kosel 217-782-0424

The following state representatives voted YES on House Bill 317, but we should contact them and ask them to vote no on the motion to reconsider the vote:

Representative Fred Crespo 217-782-0347
Representative Tom Cross 217-782-1331
Representative Brent Hassert 217-782-4179
Representative Jack McGuire 217-782-8090
Representative Ed Sullivan 217-782-3696
Representative Patrick Verschoore 217-782-5970

I know you all are tired of this issue and probably have already called once or more. We need to keep it up though! You can bet the other side is not giving in. Another push to defeat this motion, and maybe they will run out of options. Thanks for all you do! Diocesan directors, please make calls to the reps above in your diocese and perhaps involve local pastors.

Zach Wichmann
Catholic Conference of Illinois
Associate Director for Education

You can also use to find out which representative is yours.