Powerful Dialogue

08 Dec Powerful Dialogue

Students for Life of Illinois has had a very active Fall 2016. Here’s a look into one event at the University of Illinois.

Students training to bring the pro-life message to their peers just before going out to write pro-life messages.

“We chalk to share a message. We dialogue to teach the message.”

On October 5th, over 40 students chalked pro-life messages at U of I. They covered the whole quad, but the success was not without struggle.  

Sophomore member, Caroline, spoke to a freshman who said, “it was just a clump of cells.” With what Caroline learned from her involvement, she taught the freshman when life begins.

“I just challenged her on the biological fact of life and embryology. She couldn’t really argue with science.”

Another member, Isaias, was confronted by a female student who called him a “chauvinist male.”

Reflecting back, Isaias said, “I shared about my friend who had an abortion…This was 3 years ago and she still hasn’t recovered. I cried sharing it, but she should know abortion hurts everyone.”

The female student apologized.

Meanwhile, Vice President, Sean, saw 3 male students vandalizing the pro-life messages by writing crude jokes with their own chalk. Approaching them, Sean said:

“I’m a senior studying electrical engineering. I’m not out here because I have nothing better to do with my life. I’ve thought this issue through. I’ve met women who choose life in really harsh and difficult situations, and I also know women and men who have been tragically hurt by abortion.

The 3 guys were so taken aback that they handed over their chalk with no rebuttal and apologized.  

Later, Sean said, “I had an advantage because I was prepared. As a man I met them and spoke to them as men do.”

SFLI Campus Mentors transform students into virtuous, skilled pro-life leaders.