Real Talk Tuesday

21 Sep Real Talk Tuesday

From the Sidelines to Inspiring Thousands

Many summer interns go on coffee runs. But ours do so much more! Here is how our summer interns inspired thousands to live pro-life.

Back in the spring, Sam was finishing his freshman year and just starting to get involved.

Director of Mission Formation, Pamela, recruited him for the summer internship and he said yes.

Sam and fellow intern, Mary Beth, were tasked with creating the Real Talk Tuesday series to convey weDignify values in short videos.

I had no idea that it would be that big. It’s really satisfying – two interns with a camera were able to reach thousands of people.” – Sam

In the last video, Sam calls his peers to action:

Students all around us, our friends, our classmates, our team members, have been affected in some way by the tragedy of abortion.

They need us to build a culture where all life is respected. People will be most receptive to this message if it comes from their friends and peers.

You made the summer internship possible.

We transformed Sam from inaction into an inspiring pro-life leader.

And the Real Talk Tuesday videos reached over 9,000 views!

On top of that, you changed Sam’s life:

“WeDignify has solidified my motivation for becoming a leader in this movement.

I feel more convicted in my beliefs than I ever have. It’s translated to a greater sense of fulfillment in all aspects of my life.”

Click to watch the Real Talk Tuesday videos!