Sarah Earley

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“Even if I don’t continue my pro-life involvement with weDignify, I know that I will still be involved in some capacity. I can’t not be involved.” Those were words came from the heart of Sarah as she considered her next steps following graduation.

Through her involvement with weDignify at Loyola University and being mentored by weDignify, Sarah’s passion for life grew. During her sophomore year, Sarah stepped up to lead weDignify at Loyola University’s Activism Committee and coordinated frequent events where she prepared her members to effectively engage their peers about abortion.

Sarah’s desire to promote dialogue and to challenge perspectives led her to create the first-ever “Why I Am Pro-Life” panel in Fall 2016 which consisted of pro-life students from multiple Chicago-area universities sharing their pro-life testimonies. The success of this event led it to be copied, modified, and executed by other university pro-life groups throughout Illinois.

It was through this constant desire to reach others and challenge ways of thinking that led Sarah back to weDignify when discerning her career. weDignify’s investment in Sarah as a student ultimately led to her becoming a Campus Mentor in May 2017 immediately after graduating.

Sarah now brings students into confident and courageous leadership as Campus Mentor to weDignify Chapters at Loyola University and DePaul University.

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