Join SFLI for the March for Life D.C.!

16 Nov Join SFLI for the March for Life D.C.!

Join us in D.C.!

Students for Life of Illinois unites all college campuses in Illinois on one trip to the national March for Life! This is a chance for students to network, build community, and come together as one Illinois college movement as we march in the streets of D.C. 

We want YOU to join us!stand for life

Here’s what others said about their experience on the SFLI March for Life trip last year:

Once I saw the multitude of people who came out to the March and heard their testimonies, I realized that being pro-life shouldn’t be confined to an occasional hobby. – Mark, UIC Students for Life

The march reminded me of who I am, who I want to be, and what I believe. Nobody can take that away from me. – Lily, DePaul Students for Life

Don’t miss out on this experience!

The March for Life trip with SFLI gave me a new found sense of hope and motivation to never give up the fight. Life is worth it. – Leah, Augustana Right to Life

I realized that this wasn’t just a bunch of people with signs, rather it is a movement. And realizing that is significant because you realize that what you do in your life, you’re not doing alone. – Ron, Loyola Students for Life

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Join us this year and see how the SFLI March for Life trip will help you save lives on campus!