Speaking Up

26 Feb Speaking Up

Campuses are the mission field where truth is desperately needed.

On January 23rd, our students tabled in DePaul’s student center and asked, “When do human rights begin?”

Two ladies asserted,

humans have the same value as plants.

Another said,

“The mother’s life is more important. The life inside of her is not of equal value.” 

Aren’t these responses infuriating?

At the beginning of the school year, Rachel, Anna, and Christian would not have known how to respond.

But then, SFLI trained them through our small group program. Now, they overcome these arguments and persuasively change hearts.

When Roger came to the table, he said that human rights begin, “when they can talk.

By the time he left, he said, “I’ll have to think about this more.” You could see his mind changing.

SFLI teaching 160 high school students how to be pro-life in college on January 26.

Last Spring, SFLI launched a pilot program of 2 small groups. This Spring, 10 small groups will meet weekly with over 50 students receiving advanced pro-life education – on top of their weekly group meetings!

Your support teaches students to change hearts and speak up for life!