Stop FOCA in Illinois: HB 2354

12 Mar Stop FOCA in Illinois: HB 2354


On March 10th the Illinois General Assembly Health and Human Services Committee passed HB 2354, the Illinois Version of FOCA.  Now the bill will go before the entire Illinois House.  We must mobilize NOW to call the Illinois Legislature and ask them to oppose HB 2354.  This bill has been dubbed the “Illinois FOCA” as it will remove what few restrictions on abortion we still have in Illinois.

What Can We Do?

We must create a largescale grassroots response to this bill!  If we move quickly and mobilize everyone, we can stop this horrible bill in it’s tracks!

Where Do I Start?

  • Call or visit your Representative at their Springfield and District offices!  Click here to find your Rep.
  • Sign this petition and send it to everyone you know!
  • Call Governor Quinn and ask him to promise to veto HB 2354 Phone: 217.782.6830 Fax: 217.524.4049
  • Educate yourself on the HB 2354 (below)!
  • Send this web page to everyone you know!

We cannot be asleep at the wheel right now.  If we do not mobilize quickly and powerfully, all restrictions on abortion in Illinois will be rendered effectively void.

It is imperative that YOU speak up!  Please send this petition to everyone you know in Illinois so that we can make a powerful stand for life!

Effects of HB 2354

1. Effectively disallow any regulation of abortion procedures or emergency contraceptives in Illinois.

2. Potentially require public funding of these same abortion procedures and emergency contraceptive services

3. Enact broad immunity protections for those involved in abortion procedures

4. Mandate “comprehensive” sex education for every public school in the state

5. Undermine the rights of conscience for health care professionals who refuse to participate in abortion or contraception.

Educate Yourself

For a more detailed analysis read the testimony given in Committee:

Yes, I oppose HB 2354 and similar legislation that enables unrestricted abortion and the devaluing of human life. Call Your Reps Now! –   Click here to Sign Petition Now!