Student Awards – 2012 Chicago Banquet

16 Jul Student Awards – 2012 Chicago Banquet

Pam Suresca with her Award

We have some amazing students! It is with great pride that we were able to honor some of them at this year’s banquet.

Some organizations might think that it is a waste of time to honor students at a big fundraising event.

Well, I disagree entirely.

It’s true that this banquet is not a student event. It is meant to raise money to support our work.

But, I always want to honor the achievements of the students we serve as well. They deserve it and they need to know how important their work is!

Here are the stories of this year’s awardees:

Anne Marie Dust

Anne Marie Dust

Anne Mare just wanted to help save lives through a career in nursing. Little did she know that her chosen University would try to force her to commit abortions as part of her training.

She could have suffered professionally for taking a stand against this. She could have taken the easy way out and gone to a different school, but Anne Marie took a stand for life and helped overturn this terrible policy.

Anne Marie Dust is our Courageous Student of the Year.

Christina Foreman

Christina Foreman

Through her passion and dedication, Christina has taken her pro-life group from nothing to 15 people a week. She has brought in new leaders through her charismatic leadership to improve the sustainability of the group.

Her dynamic personality has captured the hearts of her peers.

Christina Foreman is our Passionate Leader of the Year.

Pam Suresca

Pam Suresca

I have seen Pam go from an excited freshman to a determined leader. Not only has she developed to be able to manage and plan her pro-life events, but she has gone to the next level. She intentionally invests in younger students and mentors them to become leaders too. Pam has made a big difference not only in her pro-life group but also in the lives of other pro-life students!

She is a model of pro-life student leadership!

Pam Suresca is our 2012 Outstanding Student Leader of the Year.

These students are amazing! I just wish you were able to meet them in person!

These three students represent many more outstanding pro-life students who are in great need of our help. Together, we can teach them and guide them into becoming the great pro-life leaders who finally put an end to abortion in our land!