Thankful & Hopeful

24 Feb Thankful & Hopeful

P1060864This is our second post in a series of March for Life Reflections from students across Illinois.

Today’s reflection comes from Jean-Baptiste, an international student studying at Northwestern University who traveled to Washington, D.C. with SFLI. Here’s his story:

My name is Jean-Baptiste (Jay-Bee) and I am a French exchange student at Northwestern University. I come from a political science school, Sciences Po., in Paris. Thanks to a personal invitation from my friend, Gabby, I joined Northwestern Students for Life in September and was immediately excited to have the opportunity to attend the March for Life in D.C.

This trip provided a great double opportunity: I would get to see the United States Capitol, but above all, I’d discover more about the American pro-life movement.  

For a long time, I’ve believed that the role of society is to protect its most fragile members. But in France and especially in my school, being pro-life is seen as being anti-women. In short, I avoided expressing my opinions about it.

I have been pleased to witness SFLI’s joy and positive attitude!

What I learned from SFLI’s Dare You to Move Summit in (almost) D.C. is that our goal is to build a Culture of Life. Instead of denouncing abortion and putting guilt on women, SFLI works to promote solutions and support for women.

The image I recall from the trip is seeing this network of students ready to respond to needs, provide information, and offer support within their campuses!

I am thankful and hopeful to see this positive attitude and the concrete structuring of the pro-life movement through SFLI.

Obviously, I will continue to be cautious in expressing my opinions in France but this positive, building attitude has given me confidence. I want to take part in offering a positive attitude, rather than participating in the phenomenon of indifference.

I will now continue this year at Northwestern being involved in NSFL. In France there are many potential resources: housing, financial aid, academic support, and peer support. But the information may not always be available enough. But I will return to France with the will to support these concrete resources for pregnant mothers.

It is an honor to work with Jay-Bee in building an international culture of life and we’re looking forward to how he’ll make an impact back home in France!