Thoughts on Sidewalk Counseling

16 May Thoughts on Sidewalk Counseling

Last Friday I went to the Planned Parenthood nearby to pray and protest. There is a woman named Joy sidewalk counsels every week. She is there in the morning to provide information and support for those going in. She is there in the afternoon to help those who went through with the abortion to find post-abortion healing.

This visit showed me, again, the importance of two types of pro-life activism: Sidewalk Counseling and Lobbying. I encourage you all to step up your efforts in these areas!

That morning we spoke with a 17 year old high school student from Indiana. His ex-girlfriend, also 17, was already in the clinic. They had gotten pregnant and she did not want her parents to know.

It turns out he was adopted and would have preferred not to have his child aborted. “But,” he said, “I told her it was her body so it was her choice.” Joy tried to convince him to go in and get her out. He said there was no way to change her mind and that she was already in the back part of the clinic. We gave him all kinds of information and prayed.

I hope two questions came to your mind as you read this. First, why was she in the clinic already?

Well, when they pulled in, Joy was speaking with someone else. I am not trained in sidewalk counseling and I was not confident enough to speak up. So, I let them go in. I regret being so hesitant.

This, to me, shows the importance of sidewalk counseling. No, we were not ultimately successful in saving a life. However, we were there and had I stepped up and talked with the girl she may have had a change of heart. I encourage all of you to learn how to sidewalk counsel and go do it often! It saves lives!

Second, why did they come all the way from Indiana?

She was 17. Indiana has a law that requires girls under 18 to get written consent from one parent to get an abortion. Illinois does not.

This shows the importance of lobbying. Right now the Illinois State government is trying to revive a parental notification law from 1995 that was stalled in the courts. Had this law already been in effect this young girl would not have been able to come to the abortion clinic near U of I. Please, when it comes time to contact your elected officials about life issues DO IT!

To find your representatives to contact them on this issue or others go here.

Life is Good,