Unique from Day One

22 Feb Unique from Day One

Over 100 students packed into buses – the excitement in the air was tangible. Despite a long bus ride ahead of them, students were ready to stand up for life.

This year’s theme: Unique from Day 1: Pro-Life is Pro-Science resonated deeply with our students who see the value of each human life.

“It wasn’t until I joined weDignify that I was able to effectively argue my stance, and it wasn’t until weDignify that I realized just how important this issue is… that’s why I’m here for my first March for Life.” – Dante, University of Illinois

“I wasn’t really raised pro-life, but my friend brought me into it. And now I realize that without the pro-life movement, I would be missing my friend who is adopted.” – Emily, Dominican University

“I have four younger siblings, and we are all adopted. I’m marching to show that regardless of the financial situation, abortion is never the answer.”  – Sean, DePaul University

“I want to March for those who literally do not have a voice. I’m very excited to be here!” – Emma, weDignify supporter

“I’m standing up for what I believe in – that life is a gift and no one can take that life away!” – Diana, University of Illinois

Your impact doesn’t end here – stay tuned until next week for Diana and Emma’s stories of change!