19 Sep Unleashed

Wonderful. Fulfilling. Empowering.

These were just a few ways students described the 2018 Leadership Bootcamp.

Students from Northwestern, University of Wisconsin-Platteville, and more attended to learn pro-life education, skills, and virtuous leadership.

Students traveled to the U of I to learn from weDignify experts. Board member and speaker, Pete Mockaitis, currently hosts the #7 iTunes podcast on careers called, “How to Be Awesome at Your Job.” He equipped students to make excellent decisions.

The bootcamp transformed students so much that they couldn’t hold it in.

Here’s what students wanted to tell you:

“If your hope is to create more pro-life leaders, you and the staff at weDignify are being successful… weDignify has changed my life…It has brought meaning to being pro-life and hope that I can make a difference.

– Erin, U of I Sophomore

“Thank you for your generous donations. This experience has truly been helpful to the pro-life cause and spreading a culture of life to those in our community and campuses.”

– Christian, DePaul Senior

“Thank you so much. Together, we are working to overcome the tragedy of abortion by leading our peers and our nation back into a culture of life through our love.

– Kavanaugh, U of I Junior

Wow, our students are sure to make a huge impact!