“We will make a difference.”

16 Mar “We will make a difference.”

Slack for iOS Upload-012This is the fifth post in the series of March for Life reflections from students who marched for life with SFLI.

Today, Jose, a sophomore at Loyola University – Chicago, shares with us his experience traveling with SFLI to D.C.

I am currently serve as the Advertising/Public Relations Chair for Loyola Students for Life and I have been to three different Marches for Life: Chicago, Denver, and San Francisco. When I was given the opportunity to attend the March for Life in D.C., I was really excited because I know that it is the biggest march in the country. I was also excited because I would be marching with other students from different universities.

The most impactful part of the trip was the road trip there. I met other pro-life college students from across Illinois and I learned their pro-life stories. Some were also leaders in the Students for Life groups on their campuses! I was able to make connections with them and get new ideas for Loyola Students for Life.

Getting to know other pro-lifers, who are all close to my age, is what gives me hope that we will make a difference.

Once we arrived in Maryland, we learned at the SFLI Summit about how we, as a pro-life community, can make a difference on our campuses.

One of the biggest struggles of being a pro-life college student is that people, often times, do not feel comfortable talking about abortion and how it impacts society. But, at the SFLI Summit, we learned how to defend our position, reach out to people who have been affected by abortion, and how to better establish a Culture of Life.

Through hearing the presenters and leading my table’s group conversation, I learned that being pro-life is not something we should keep to ourselves.

We must realize the harm abortion is inflicting and embrace that we can make a change. We will not stop until the pain of abortion is gone and our society can once again live in peace!