weDignify grows!

28 Aug weDignify grows!

New state + new Campus Mentor!

“There is a widespread crisis caused by abortion. We must go to the front lines. That is where I am needed and that is where I will bring joy for new life!”

As a weDignify student leader, Francesca made an incredible impact.

She led the way: tabling on activism day, small group leader, and all the way up to U of I’s pro-life group President.

One younger student described Francesca as, “a force to be reckoned with. But at the same time, she maintains humility.”

“I cannot wait to get to know the campus, the wonderful students, and everything that will come out of it!” – Francesca, 1st Year Campus Mentor

In May, Francesca graduated from the University of Illinois. Then, she took a huge step forward towards making a difference.

Francesca is now the newest weDignify Campus Mentor!

This fall, you put another passionate Campus Mentor on campus who will transform students into skilled, virtuous, pro-life leaders!

But that’s not all!

WeDignify expanded to Wisconsin!

In August, Senior Campus Mentor, Anna (Slater) Kinskey, started a pilot run at Marquette University with small groups and mentoring with the hope to build more.

This school year weDignify takes two huge steps forward. Thank you for reaching more students than ever before!