What one supporter witnessed

27 Feb What one supporter witnessed

Here’s Emma’s take on our students marching

Emma Bucher, a weDignify supporter, clinical psychologist, mother, and artist, joined weDignify on our trip – here’s what she wanted to share with you!

One of Emma’s signs, when posted on weDignify’s Facebook Page, has been shared so many times, its message has reached over 80,000 people!

“I loved it right from the get go- It’s really nice to be with people who want to have engaging and intelligent conversations about this issue.

I wanted to go to the March for Life because when I went 4 years ago and it was integral to my conversion to Catholicism.

I painted the signs as a way to speak up for something that I really care about. It warmed my heart to see them on display.

I’m so glad I went with the group because now I know who had the signs and I’m friends with them – college students have a special energy about them.”

For a special way you can connect to weDignify students check your mail in March!