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During her senior year of high school, Anna was confronted by a close family member about her pro-life views. After that hardening conversation, she promised herself she would never be part of the pro-life movement.

In college, weDignify inspired Anna with so much hope that she broke her promise and hasn’t looked back. With weDignify’s guidance, Anna nearly doubled her school’s attendance on the March for Life during her sophomore year, raising over $10,000 in 4 months to support the trip.

By her Junior year, she led the largest college group in the state and became a weDignify intern. In 2014, Anna inspired thousands as she spoke at the Chicago March for Life. After finishing her undergraduate studies in 3 years, Anna graduated cum laude with Honors from Loyola University Chicago.

Seeking to further inspire students to love all life, Anna jumped at the chance to work for weDignify full time.

Anna serves as weDignify’s Associate Director. From vowing to stay out of it to dedicating her life to bringing others into the pro-life movement, Anna’s pro-life passion inspires students and supporters every day.

Anna lives in Milwaukee with her husband, Aaron, and her son, Francis.

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